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GA Questions asked in IBPS CLERK MAINS 2016 --2.1.2016

GA Questions asked in IBPS CLERK MAINS 2016

Dear Readers,
These are the questions which were asked in today's exam.

1. IMF recently included which country’s currency in its basket (SDR)
Ans. Yuan (Renminbi)

2. Small Finance in Principal Approval:
Ans. 18 months

3. NHB is the subsidiary of 
Ans. RBI

4. Davis Cup 2015 winner
Ans. Great Britain

5. Currency of Nigeria
Ans. Nigerian Naira

6. In RIDF R stand for
Ans. Rural

7. First Indian Scientist Bhart Ratna awardee in 1954
Ans. C. V. Raman,

8. Nai Manzil Scheme is related to
Ans. to bridge lack of skills in minorities

9. India’s first Credit Information Company

10. First Micro Finance Company Fully Subsidies:
Ans.Bandhan Bank

11. Mount Abu located in Which state
Ans. Rajasthan

12. Dachigam National park located as
Ans. Jammu and Kashmir

13. UNU stands for
Ans. United Nations University

14. 25th January celebrated as
Ans. National Voters Day

15. Commonwealth's new Secretary General
Ans. Patricia Scotland

16. Bricks Media Summit Held in
Ans. Beijing, China

17. IDFC head Quarters
Ans. Mumbai

18. Sunil Narayan play for which country
Ans. West Indies

19. D-ICICI and another ……………. ?
Ans. D-SBI

20. Which bank has recently closed its business
Ans. HSBC Holdings Plc

21. CRAR full form
Ans. Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio

22. Atal Pension Yojna Replace which Scheme
Ans. Swavalamban

23. Mahatma Phule Sant award 2015?
Ans. Arundhati Roy

24. India’s literacy rate as per census 2011
Ans. 74.04%

25. Which village in Karnataka became first smokeless village?
Ans.  Vyachakurahalli in Karnataka

26. The interest rate in Gold scheme is decided by ?
Ans.  RBI

27. President of France:
Ans. Francois Hollande

28.  Bank Bureau Board top official:
Ans. RBI governor

Computer Questions Shared by our student Prizel:
1. internet explorer is what
2. ms word is what
3. full form of ASDL
4. full form of HTTP
5. if we convert window xp to window 7, what do we call it
6. which one is pointer
7. which one is both input and output
8. which one is not a boolean operator
9. select the correct sequence- character, record, field, file, database
10. which one is used for link
11. which language is used to write internet program
12. c++ is which type of language
13. oracle is which type of language.
14. among the following , find which one is not an output device
15. google is what- ans-search engine
16.warm boot

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