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Descriptive question and GK questions asked in OICL Exam

Descriptive Questions -

  • What is liability insurance? Explain in which conditions is it applicable
  • What is renter's insurance? Will it would be added in claim or not?
  • Indian railway should be privatized?
  • Precis on trade integration
  • Passage on health or health issue in rural India

GK Questions - 
  • Warsaw is capital of?
  • Challenges and conviction autobiography of?
  • Cricketer added in Laureus? 
  • Global Times newspaper of which country?
  • Who climbed everest 2 times in a week?
  • Chhatrasal Stadium is situated at?
  • Kakarpattu sanctuary state?
  • AQI full form?
  • KVP denomination not among given?
  • Which is not a part of UN-ECOSOC?
  • Biggest city in world area wise and urban polpulation wise?
  • Highest rural populated state?
  • Lionel messi related to?
  • Central bank of japan name?
  • IB minister?
  • world quality day?
  • Earth Hour City in India?
  • Micro insurance policy is said so if its below how much?
  • After death the one who will get benefit is called?
  • World bank chief is elected by?
  • Silvassa is the capital of which it
  • Government has signed MoU to import uranium from which country
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