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1. India celebrated Republic Day for the first time in 1950 with who among the following as the chief guest?
a) Sukarno, Indonesian  b) Marshall Ye Jianying, China
c) King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, Bhutan   d) King Tribhuvan, Nepal  e) None of these 
2. The 150th birth anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai was celebrated on 28 Jan. He was associated with the foundation of which of the following banks in 1895?
a) Central Bank of India  b) Imperial Bank of India  c) Allahabad Bank

d) Punjab National Bank  e) None of these 
3. Which of the following articles of the Indian Constitution says that there shall be a Governor for each state?
a) Article 51  b) Article 153  c) Article 65   d) Article 111  e) None of these 
4. Name the Australian cricketer who has won Bradman young cricketer of the year award 2015. He is also associated with the tragic death of cricketer Phillip Hughes.
a) Steve Smith  b) Sean Abbott  c) Nic Maddinson  d) Michael Clarke  e) None of these 
5. Which of the following countries will host the World Twenty20 championship in 2016?
a) Australia  b) Sri Lanka  c) New Zealand   d) India  e) England 
6. The Maharashtra govt has announced to observe which of the following days as ‘Industries Day’?
a) 14 Sep  b) 17 Sep  c) 1 Apr  d) 1 May  e) 31 Mar 
7. Mala Aravindan passed away recently. He was a veteran _______actor.
a) Tamil   b) Telugu  c) Odia   d) Malayalam  e) None of these 
8. Shirani Bandaranayake has been reinstated as the Chief Justice of which of the following countries two years after being removed?
a) Myanmar  b) Maldives  c) Sri Lanka   d) Thailand  e) None of these 
9. Which of the following companies has reported the biggest quarterly profit ($18bn) ever made by a public company recently?
a) Xiaomi  b) Apple  c) TCS   d) Microsoft  e) China Mobile 
10. The Supreme Court, recently, directed search engines like Google India to strictly comply with the laws and block advertisements on
a) lesbian relations  b) erotic products  c) sex determination   d) junk food  e) None of these 

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