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When you get call letter for interview prepare well in your subject and also banking related general awareness. You must known the basics of Banking, You must have good communication skill and confidence.
Ascertain the date the and time of interview and place of interview. On the interview day keep yourself calm and be confident. Dress yourself nicely. Men are advised to wear dark color pants and light color full arm shirt. Have a tie and put on shoes. Comb your hair properly.
Take all your original certificates -- mark sheets, community certificates, award certificates and keep them in a folder which you can hold comfortably while attending interview. Your certificates will be verified. OBC certificate should be latest one in the format prescribed by SBI.
Wish the interviewers good morning/evening and enter the room and take your seat when offered. Sit on the chair without making noise and look at the eyes of the Chairman and others.(normally 4 or 5 interviewers will be there)
When a question is asked you must look at the eyes of that interviewer and answer the question and at the same time take note of presence of other interviewers.
Invariably the first question will be "Tell us about yourself". Prepare for this and I will tell you some more points in my next post.

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