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Ramesh has sent a few questions I asked in a telephonic interview:
What is your qualification?
About your family?
What are the activities you do at office?
Why banking?
Did u watch any movie, gist of the movie?
Qualities you look in your wife?
Do you have any bank accounts?
Do you support formation of Telangana

I am sharing my interview experience of SBI as it might be helpful for upcoming inte

rviews .....
MY qualification - Doing my 2nd year BBA -banking in correspondance
Panel - 3 male and 1 female( M1(Main member ) , M2 , M3 and F1 )

Me- May i come in ?
M1 - Come in dear
Me-Slowly went inside . closed the door and wished everyone with a smile
M1- please be ur Ms.Rekha doss
Me- Yes sir
M2 - You have received award from Tamil Nadu Governor, can u explain abt it
Me - Yes sir . i received a scholarship for flying from Govt and i have 50 hrs of flying experience with me.since very less ppl opt for this , i have received the award :)
M2- Can u list some of the awards of SBI
Me - said
M1 - So, why r u here?...wat abt ur flying
Me - explained that i am short of height cant continue with my aviation career
M1 - So, howz ur flying gonna help us ( he smiled)
Me- Sir ,just like mobile banking , if SBI starts flight banking , i'll definately come in handy :P ......everyone laughed ...i smiled
M1- hahah...i am hearing this for the first time
M2- so ur doing ur BBA - banking....can u tell us about types of investment banking
M2- i said sorry as i know only wats investment banking and not the types
M2- ok...then he asked PIN full form in both banking and postal dept
Me- answered
M2- Ok....wats CRR ,SLR ,repo and R repo ..whats the difference
Me- answered .....
M2- does bank earn interest on CRR
Me - no sir.tats why Mr.Pratip chaurdhri recently made comment on it tat CRR is unproductive
M1- OK....wats ur father?..wats his nature of job...
Me - said
M1- okk why should we hire u ....
Me- said...sir clerk is a the face of the bank...the banks reputation depends on a clerk must be able to solve all the queries of the customer and serve them with a smile on the face......and i possess all these qualities...
M2 - Whats SIP ?
Me- i said i dont know.....i asked them if u can say the full form , i might recollect it
M2- he smiled.....its ok dear
F 1 - whats CASA ? ...explain abt it
Me- explained
F1- what r the ways one can invest in a company?
Me- explained abt shares and debentures
F1 - she asked 2 questions on acts and some terms related to mutual funds which i didnt knew
F1 - so u dont have knowledge on mutual funds
Me- mam..just the basics
M1 - ok can we find our whether a note is fake...
Me- explained
M3 - so ur from dindigul , wats it famous for
Me- said....i said its famous for briyani too.....they all laughed..
interview over.....

I didnt answer all questions but whichever i answered , i answered with full confidence and a smile.I always try to make my interview fun....i crack atleast 1 joke during my interview...It depends on us whether we want to make our interview fun or boring...They sit whole day for making it fun , we entertain them and make them happy which will be a plus for us..
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